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Macaw Cage

macaw cage
The Macaw Cage is the largest cage in our range. It measures 2,000 in height, 6,000 in length and is 1,800 wide.

This cage has heavy duty mesh and is designed for larger birds such as Amazons or Macaws. However it also makes an ideal flight cage for any species, that are not currently breeding.

Please contact us for colour range.

Fences and Gates Available

Do you need a new gate? Are your fences looking a bit saggy? We have just expanded our range into fences and gates. Clive can also build a pretty decent garden shed or tool shed, which is a lot stronger than the ones you can buy in the hardware stores.

Materials used are steel and colorbond. Here’s a picture of a fence we put up in Greenbank.


Here is another fence with a gate. This one has a slightly wider top rail which sets it off quite nicely. These can be supplied as a pick-up, or we can deliver if needed.