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Cat Cages – The Answer to the Wandering Feline

cat runsCouncils around Queensland are again tightening their animal regulations. This means a well built cat cage may be a good idea if your cat is the wandering kind!

From December 2010 cats have had to be registered with the local council to cut down on stray and feral cats and to reduce the burden on local pet shelters. There has also been additional pressure on cat owners to keep their cats from wandering.

Keeping your cat contained in your yard has always been difficult, due to a cat’s ability to jump and climb. Adding to the difficulty is the fact that cats will often wander at night. Keeping them inside 24/7 is hardly an option, so what’s a responsible cat owner to do?

If you live in and around Brisbane your problems are solved. Clive has already built many cat cages in Brisbane, both for catteries and private individuals. Cages for cats give your pets the choice to be outside whenever they want and are fitted with shelves at random heights to give them the ability to climb and jump, or merely bask in the sun. They are easily cleaned by hosing out when necessary.

The picture on this page show a typical cat enclosure now being enjoyed by two rather stressed feline immigrants from earthquake prone Christchurch NZ. Apparently they have become slightly more relaxed since being allowed outside!

Cat cages may also be fitted with extra runs to make the area larger. This may be of interest to working people who have to leave their animals for extended periods of time. The cage may also be built to your own measurements and the shelf placing can be altered too.

Shelves are generally made from plywood, but many cat owners line the shelves with carpet for extra comfort in the cold weather.

Outdoor Cat Enclosures in Brisbane – The Benefits

Keep your cat safe with a cat enclosure outside

cat enclosuresCats need sunlight to grow healthy and strong. Similar to humans, cat need ultra violet from the sun’s rays to manufacture vitamin D in their bodies. Letting cats play outside in the typical Aussie backyard though is fraught with difficulties. Normal fences, whether wood or metal, are not high enough to prevent your pet from escaping and either getting lost, being attacked by dogs or being run over.

Then of course there is the problem with our native wild life. Cats can kill innocent birds and small mammals, when left unsupervised outside. Who hasn’t had the experience of a small bird or some other small critter being left as a trophy on the back doorstep?
The end result of all this is that most cats get to stay indoors all the time, especially if their owner work full time. While there’s nothing wrong with cats spending most of their time indoors, especially at night, keeping a cat in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is probably not in its best interests.

So what’s the answer for your feline friend (and for your own sanity)?

Outdoor cat enclosures will help cat lovers to expose their cats to the ultra violet rays while playing or relaxing in the outdoor areas of their back yards. These free standing cat enclosures provide security for your cat while giving him or her access to the great outdoors. Most of these are customizable in terms of size and design. Cats can play and walk freely inside these outdoor cat runs for several hours while enjoying the warm sun rays that are good for their health. These products are available in retail stores or can be manufactured to your specifications by a professional cat run builder (ahem!)

Outdoor Cat Enclosures need not be expensive. These products are made of special and durable materials that will stay strong and last for several years. Cat enclosures for outside still need to provide some shelter from the elements, so a part colorbond roof is a good idea unless the are going to be located under a patio. These cat runs are suitable for kittens and adult cats alike. Perhaps the only prerequisite is that the cats can play well together and are not aggressive towards each other if they need to be in the same space for any length of time.

Where can I find cat enclosures in Brisbane?

We can manufacture a run designed specifically for your cat and will provide them with the best option for outdoor freedom. These products are made from steel and colorbond and are durable and safe. Platforms can be placed wherever you want them and are usually made of plywood for comfort. The wire sides and top allow sunlight and natural breezes to enter. Large doors allow easy access for the owners to enter.

It’s essential to hose out the cat enclosure regularly as cat urine is notorious for creating rust when left on metal surfaces for too long. The odor is also not the most pleasant, especially from a male cat who has not been desexed! Always ensure there is clean water and food for the cats and a few toys, such as cat trees, will keep them amused and happy.

Cat lovers who have bought our products are happy with their purchases and say that it gives them peace of mind, knowing their pets are secure and out of the clutches of local councils who are really clamping down on wandering cats. Save yourself a fine and a trip to the cat shelter with a well constructed outdoor cat aviary!