Current Prices

Following are the current prices of our standard size aviaries. These come complete with perch holders and nest box holders. Also included are feeding stations on all conventional aviaries.
The single suspended comes with an insulated roof (if required).

These prices do not include delivery. We don’t charge GST.

6 ft x 4 ft – $680

Pallet cage – $540

Double suspended – $690 – 1800 long, 900 high, 1400 wide (each cage is 700 wide)

Triple suspended – $1,000

Patio Cage – $580 – 900 high, 600 deep and 1,140 wide. On legs with wheels.

Macaw cage – $2,500 – 2,000 high, 6,000 long and 1,800 wide. Heavy duty mesh.

Special suspended – $890 – 2400 long, 1200 high, 1200 wide with insulated roof.

All our aviaries use Australian Colorbond and mainly  wire imported from Italy which is very high quality and has no dags.

For different aviary sizes to those above, please call us for a quote on 0412 118 343.

4 thoughts on “Current Prices”

  1. Hi Clive just would like to get a quote on an aviary about 3 mts by 3 mts and 2.4mts high. I don’t want any colour bond just wire but it needs to be very strong and I would like a safety door so I can get in with out the bird getting out thank you Kathy

  2. How much for an aviary, 2 and a half high 2 and a half wide and 5 long? it is for Macaws so it will need heavy duty mesh


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